January 20, 2012


Avila was such a gorgeous city, it was great to hear the history behind it and the weather although cold was very sunny with no overcast. When we fist arrived, we saw the church that is outside of the walls (Basílica de los Santos Hermanos Mártires). It was magnificent, literally made my jaw drop. The ceiling was my favorite part; it’s hard to explain how much detail was put into it without writing a full essay. After we saw the church we walked towards the wall, which is another extraordinary work. Closer to the gates before you enter into the city within the walls there is a dome which is the back of the Cathedral of Avila the architects incorporated it into the wall in order to make it stronger and save space. The last pictures are of the front and the side of the Cathedral of Avila, it is such a nice place to see full of history that I would gladly re-do the tour again.