February 28, 2012

La Jolla Cove

I had such a great day with my sister I always enjoy the time that we spend together. We had some errands to do in La Jolla and decided to go to the Cove since we were so close to the area. It was a beautiful day I really enjoy overcast days at the beach when I'm just strolling around.  We saw the sea lions and some birds that were quite smelly we talked and laughed it was great.The water was especially cold but we still got wet although after a while I was numb. At the end, we saw the museum and unfortunately we had to leave before rush hour traffic started. It was so nice to be able to spend time with my sister because both of our schedules are so hectic. This trip just made me appreciate, even more the wonderful relationship I have with my sisters. 

Smelly Birds  

I looked for the initials that my boyfriend carved onto the rock